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3 Audio Solutions For Your Home’s Musical Entertainment

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Do you know the best way to set the tone for your next home gathering, party, or social event?


With music, you can set the mood to match whatever type of home gathering you’re hosting. Do you want lively and high-energy? Your music will get the party pumping before your guests even make it to the front door. Or perhaps you want something a little more intimate. Then soft relaxing mood music is just what you need as you light the candles and serve a romantic dinner while enjoying the company of a loved one.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Yup, if you have the right equipment…

The music part is easy enough— that’s true, but if you’re using the wrong equipment, making the music happening could prove to be unnecessarily difficult. So difficult that you wind up not doing it at all.

Don’t let this be you!

Here are some fantastic equipment options that will make it ridiculously easy to stream music throughout your entire home inside, outside, by the pool, or wherever else you want your music to flow.

1. Sonos / Alexa

Sonos and Alexa
Technology has improved our quality of life by leaps and bounds compared to just a few short years ago. For example, Sonos is now partnered with Alexa. You’ve probably wondered how you ever functioned before Alexa. That’s the beauty of technology. It’s constantly changing and making our lives better, easier and much more convenient. So let’s talk about Sonos and Alexa.

Yes, Alexa Integrated Sonos is a bit more expensive than some of the other options; however, it’s a great way to connect high quality speakers with Alexa. Sonos has already done a brilliant job of making playing music in multiple locations throughout your home super easy. Now with Alexa you can control it with your voice! It doesn’t get much better than that!

2. Google Home

Google Home and Mini
You gotta love Google. They’re always coming up with new and improved ways to make our lives easier. You can place Google Homes and Minis throughout your home and get the same result as with Sonos. Google Home speakers are not as high a quality as Sonos (in our opinion), but they do have many features for home entertaining just like Alexa does.

3. Bose

Bose and Alexa
If you’re looking for quality, Bose is probably something you should consider. Anyone who has ever used or heard music on Bose equipment will tell you it’s definitely top-quality and delivers a superior, pristine sound unlike any other. Yes, Bose is one of the more expensive options since we’re talking about placing multiple speakers throughout your home, but the quality is tough to beat.

Bose has also just added speaker syncing and Alexa. These new options along with Bose’s superior equipment is worth every penny because the high-quality sound it delivers is about as good as it gets. Anything else would just be disappointing. No one wants to go to a party with bad sounding music. And you definitely won’t be able to create any kind of a mood if you can’t even get the equipment to deliver the sound you want.

Why Should You Care?

Your home’s entertainment value is so much better when you have complete control over all the music inside and outside of your home and all at the touch of a button. For example, think about what it’s like when you go to a public pool. They pretty much always have music playing. It would just feel awkward without it. Now think about restaurants. Again, they always have music playing. Music sets the tone for social gatherings.

Music is the one constant you can use to create and customize just about any type of experience you want. Now, you don’t want to play bad music but that’s pretty easy to avoid.

Spotify for example has tons of pre-made playlists that work with pretty much any crowd you can think of.

Just find a playlist you like for the crowd you’re entertaining and you’re good to go. Making a custom playlist is also always an option, just a bit more time consuming. Of course, good food always helps too! 😉

The Bottom Line

With any of the solutions above, you would never have to move speakers around or set anything up. Once you set it up the first time, you’re good to go at any time. It’s one of those things that once you have it you won’t know how you ever lived without it! Guaranteed!

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