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How 3D Design Technology Can Help Your Backyard Project

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Are you having a hard time visualizing exactly how your new backyard design will look? Or perhaps you just can’t seem to decide which of your designs best fits your vision. Regardless of the reason, there is one way to make sure you get this very crucial step right.

Especially if you don’t want to make any design mistakes. Mistakes that could end up costing you later if you don’t get this step right the first time around.

Here are six reasons to consider a professional with 3D technology to design your backyard.

1. Accurate Visual Mockup

An accurate visual mockup is extremely important because it will enable you to see what the finished project will look like. This crucial step allows you to see what works and what doesn’t.

It will also help you see the flow and function of your design so you can add or subtract things as needed. Having an accurate visual mockup will save you time and money by not having to make corrections later.

2. Correct Spacing

Being able to preview the correct spacing in your design prior to commencement will mean the difference between a proper use and flow pattern and one that is inconvenient and frustrating to you, your family, and your guests.

Using 3D technology will take into account the size of your yard, the appliances, furniture, and anything else you want to include in your new backyard design.

3. Cheaper Redesigns

It is much cheaper to redesign a 3D mockup than it would be to redesign your whole backyard. If you don’t get the initial design step right before your project has been completed, it will cost a significant amount of money to correct any issues that come about.

Which means you might just have to live with them. And that means every time you use your backyard, instead of it being a relaxing oasis, what you’ve created will be a constant reminder of the mistakes that were made.

4. Variety of Options

You can’t redesign your yard a bunch of different ways, but you can make 3D mockups of as many different design options as you would like until you find one that best suits your wants and needs. Sounds great, doesn’t it? You bet it does, because using 3D technology is awesome!

So you’re probably thinking that if 3D technology is so awesome, why don’t I just get some myself and start designing?

That’s a good question, but not such a good idea, and here’s why…

5. 3D Technology Is Expensive and Difficult To Learn

Think of 3D technology like Photoshop except it is much more expensive and just as difficult (if not more so) to learn. Why go through all of this when you could easily hire a professional who knows exactly what he is doing, as well as all the tips, tricks, and shortcuts that only come from years of experience.

You are going to be paying good money to turn your backyard into a paradise so why would you want to skimp on the design process? Remember, you get what you pay for and that includes experience.

6. Let Us Design Your Yard

Hiring a design professional will probably end up being one of the best decisions you have ever made. Why? Because you will have a personal design team and build consultant available to you every step of the way and a field team with years of experience transforming plain yards into backyard paradises.

Our team of designers does this stuff all day, every day. We will do everything from scaling out what your pool will look like in your yard, to the outdoor kitchen, fire pits, furniture, gardens, patios, and anything else you would like to have included. If you can think of it, we can design it with our 3D mockup technology.

If you want a professional design for your yard, I guarantee you’ll want to talk with us!

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