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5 Things to Consider Before Putting In a Swimming Pool

In Construction Process by John & Sabrina Foley

Nothing makes a home more inviting for entertaining guests than a swimming pool. During those hot summer months friends and family can gather round for barbecues and parties, or you can simply enjoy some low-impact exercise in the morning. However, pool ownership is not an undertaking without some responsibility: there are many concerns related to maintenance and safety that you should consider when purchasing your own pool. Here are 5 items to ponder while you shop for your pool.

Above-ground or In-ground? 

This is perhaps one of the first questions homeowners answer when they consider purchasing a pool. Above-ground pools are available at a much lesser cost than an in-ground pool, and also require less labor for installation and maintenance. They are also less of a commitment in terms of taking up part of your property, since an above-ground pool can typically be easily dismantled and removed, allowing you to return your home to its pre-pool status quickly.

However, that price-point comes at the cost of aesthetics, since an above-ground pool can look more like an afterthought than a planned component of your backyard entertainment space. They also are not customizable with size, shape, and extra features like in-ground pools.

In-ground pools are customizable in every way. You can choose the size and shape based on your unique property, the aesthetic you want to achieve, or the desired use, such as putting in a lap pool for exercise or training purposes. Include special features like a negative edge, a swim-up bar, or a waterfall. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

If you want a “quick fix” solution, that’s what above-ground pools are for. If you want something that is custom, exudes a sense of calm and peacefulness, and is entertainment-ready, there is nothing like an in-ground pool.

Choosing Your Materials

The best building material you can choose for a pool is concrete, or gunite, which allows for the greatest level of customization should you desire a particular shape or design for your pool. Other materials people may choose are fiberglass, which is typically used for pre-made shells to produce a speedy installation; and vinyl which can work for a variety of climates including freeze/thaw climates. However to get the best pool for your specific yard and lifestyle, concrete is always the best choice.

Proper Installation 

You really need to have a professional pool company install your pool as opposed to a general contractor, particularly since in-ground installations involve more complex components. Lots of contractors and home remodelers will do pool installation projects, but contract out the actual installation to a pool company to achieve the best results. Improper installation can drastically reduce the life of your pool, so in the long run it will be best to seek assistance from a seasoned professional. They will be able to anticipate and solve any issues that may arise.

Time and Energy Investment

You may only use your swimming pool during the warmer months, but owning one is a year-round affair. During the months you use your pool as well as the months during the off-season, it will consume energy and require constant attention to ensure that it stays operational. Make sure you have the time to spend on your pool, or that you are willing to enlist the service of a family member or hired help.

Surrounding Outdoor Living Spaces

A swimming pool makes a huge impact on the appearance of your yard, so you must consider how your current landscaping and outdoor space will tie in once the installation is complete. Proper landscaping, lighting, and other outdoor living features will help your pool become a fully integrated part of your home.

A swimming pool takes some time and planning. But when you wake up one day and realize you have your dream oasis in your own backyard, it’s a decision you will not regret making!

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