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7 Beautiful Furniture Pieces For Your Backyard

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A backyard is like a second living room, if it has no furniture then it’s no fun to hang out in the backyard. It can be decorated to the fullest extent, but if there’s nowhere to sit, no one is going to want to stand around and enjoy that décor. Outdoor furniture is vitally important to the life and usability of your backyard and there are so many options and styles from which you can choose.

Cushioned Chairs

Cushioned Chairs
One of the most common choices among outdoor furniture enthusiasts is the cushioned chair. It comes in a wide variety of styles and colors to match all tastes and decorating schemes. Think of this as an upgrade to standard porch style chairs, much like the ones pictured below.

Bar Stools

Bar Stools
Bar stools are another popular option if you have an outdoor bar. They can also be found in a vast array to please all décor palettes. These are best if they have a metal frame as opposed to any wood or wicker options. Metal frames with cushions will make them more durable against wear and tear from use and weather.

Lounge Chairs

Lounge Chairs
Lounge chairs are highly recommended for those looking to make their backyard an oasis of rest and relaxation with spa-like vibes. They are also best if constructed from metal and fitted with canvas or cushions. Lounge chairs come in all sorts of colors and styles from modern with clean lines to a more vintage, chaise lounge look.

In-Pool Lounge Chairs

In-Pool Lounge Chairs
There is a sub-category of lounge chairs that can be placed directly in a shallow end of your pool. This can give you the opportunity to create a beach-like escape right in your very own backyard. While these are
usually placed in direct sun as opposed to formal lounge chairs that can be moved, the concept of sitting in a few inches of water will do more than keep you at a cool and enjoyable temperature—perfect for relaxing and sunbathing.

Dining Areas

Dining Area
Dining areas are a very popular installation for backyard furnishing. As an outdoor version of your formal dining room, this can be placed under an awning or a wide umbrella to keep harsh sunlight from heating up your outdoor mealtime too much.

Living Areas

Outdoor Living Area
Another outdoor furnishing option that has shown a major upswing in popularity over the recent years is a full outdoor living area with cushioned chairs, sofas, and ottomans. These are typically under a permanent covering with fans and perhaps even a fireplace to be usable all year-round. They can be essentially another room added to your home, but with the accessibility of your backyard. Add in a fully functional kitchen and maybe even a TV and your backyard is sure to be the star of the neighborhood for cookouts and get-togethers.


One of the easiest outdoor furnishing options to install is a hammock area. You can choose to add a classic rope woven hammock with a frame or just ensure that your landscaper places a few trees at convenient spacing and string up your own hammock either made from rope or the increasingly popular Eno hammocks. This can create the perfect napping or reading area with some peace and quiet.

Despite what outdoor furnishing pieces you choose to go with, one or maybe even all of them, there is a choice that’s perfect for you and your backyard. With all these options you are sure to find one that puts the finishing touch on your outdoor oasis.

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