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Building A Pool vs. Building A Place For Your Family

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So you’ve finally decided to install a pool. That’s great! But there’s a big difference between just building a pool and making your backyard awesome.

What’s Wrong With Just Having a Pool?

Well, nothing really, except that without addressing your yard as a whole, you and your family would be missing out on all the other aspects that could complement and enhance the outdoor experience you were trying to create in the first place.

Technically, you could just install a pool, but it wouldn’t look nearly as good and definitely wouldn’t enhance your quality of life as much as it could if you would have turned your yard into a haven, tropical oasis, or an outdoor entertainment area that would be something to be proud of and enjoy for years to come.

Picture This…

Picture yourself sitting at your pool sipping on your favorite beverage. Sounds good, doesn’t it. Now picture you, your family, and/or your friends getting ready for the weekend or for your next party. You all gather by the pool—then what? This is where your outdoor living space as a whole comes into play.

You have a choice. You can all just sit around the pool and enjoy the water, which is good.


You could create a space everyone will find relaxing, entertaining, and love to hang out. And you can do this by including the entire yard in your design and not just installing a pool by itself.

Creating an Envious, Relaxing, and Entertaining Outdoor Living Space for Everyone

1. Install a Pool

Duh! That’s a given! A yard without a pool is just a patch of dirt with grass on it.

2. Landscape Features

The environment around your pool will make the difference between just OK and breathtaking. What you decide to do with the landscaping around your pool is what allows you to create whatever type of atmosphere you want to surround yourself with. Consider planting a garden, flower beds and/or borders, palm trees, lush green grass that feels great when you walk barefoot on it, and anything else that matches your taste and style.

3. Landscape Lighting

Nothing is better at creating a mood or feeling better than lighting. Landscape lighting is what makes the difference between having just a yard with a pool, or a resort-style oasis. Professional landscape lighting will help you create any type of ambiance you want and it can be easily tweaked to match any mood, any holiday, or any type of party you’re hosting.

4. Outdoor Furniture

If the lush backyard you’ve created doesn’t have nice, comfortable furniture, no one is going to want to hang around. Picture you and your friends lounging in stylish, made-for-outdoors furniture next to your new pool. But that’s not all…here are some other unique outdoor furniture ideas you can use too.

Why not get one or all of the following to enhance your pool experience.

Water furniture you can use while you’re in the pool.
Loungers, chairs, umbrellas and bistro tables for relaxing and socializing.
Hammocks. There’s nothing better than relaxing and napping in a hammock next to a trickling water fountain. NOTHING!

5. Outdoor Kitchen

No backyard pool oasis is complete without an outdoor kitchen. Because what’s the first thing people want to do after a swim or when they’re next to the water? Eat! You can really get creative when designing your outdoor kitchen to make it look and function in a way that best suits your particular needs. And, having an outdoor kitchen is a great way to create memories for you and your family. Memories that will last a lifetime. Think back to your favorite memories and how they were created. Are any of them a memory of backyard BBQ’s or grilling by the pool? If you’re like most people, you answered Yes! What a great way to start some new memories and traditions for you and your family.

6. Fire Pit

In addition to having a heated pool, the best way to enjoy your outdoor oasis during the winter is to add a fire pit, or several if you prefer. Who doesn’t like sitting by the pool next to a crackling warm fire pit, then hopping into the spa and sipping on your favorite beverage during those cold winter months? Fire pits and spas are what really make your yard and outdoor living space a great experience year round.

Want To Try It Out? Here's How...

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