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How to Choose a Pool Color

In Construction Process by John & Sabrina Foley

When you decide to add a swimming pool to your backyard, you’ve certainly considered a lot of factors like where it should go and how deep it should be. But if you’re like most people, the one thing you might not have thought about is what color your pool should be. The pool finish is what brings the pool to life. Two otherwise identical pools will look completely different with different colored finishes. Not sure how to choose a pool color that you’ll love? Take a look at these tips.

Visualize your Pool

Close your eyes and take a moment to visualize the pool of your dreams. What does it look like? Are the colors vibrant with the bluest water you have ever seen? Or is it a calm oasis with soothing shades of teal and green that harmonize perfectly with nature? Is the water crystal clear or deep blue?

Once you have an idea of what you want your pool to look like, you can choose a pool color that fits your mental image. Pool finishes are available in shades of blue and teal ranging from muted to bright and light to dark. Once you’ve picked a shade you love, you’ll want to consider a few factors that will affect how the color actually appears in your pool.

Assess the Pool’s Location

Where your pool is located actually plays a large part in how the color appears. Because light affects how your eyes perceive color, the amount of sunlight that reaches your pool will alter how the color appears. Sunny spots are going to provide a pool with the brightest and most true color. However, you can expect to see a lot of variation depending on the time of day. The color will also be different on cloudy, overcast days than on days when it’s bright and sunny.

Shaded locations will give less variation to your pool color during the day, but the color will appear much darker than it would in direct sunlight. If you plan to locate your pool in a shaded area, you might want to choose a color that is a few shades lighter in order to counteract this darkening effect.

Consider the Pool’s Depth

Pool color is also affected by the size and depth of the pool. This is due to the fact that the deeper the water is, the harder it is for light to penetrate all the way to the bottom. In shallow water, the color appears light and bright. As the water becomes deeper, the color progressively becomes deeper, richer, and more blue-toned. In pools with both shallow and deep ends, this change can create an interesting ombre effect on the water. This is similar to what you see when you stand on a beach and look out over the ocean.

The perfect pool finish can add just the right amount of personality and charm to your pool. After you choose a pool color that you love, proper care and maintenance will keep it beautiful for many years.

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