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First Time Pool Owner Tips

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Owning a pool for the first time can bring some unexpected tasks and responsibilities to keep up with if you want your pool to function flawlessly. You can’t just throw the garden hose in there and let it do its thing. As with any home fixture, pools require upkeep and maintenance. Below, you’ll find some tips on how to keep your first pool easily managed.


Pool Equipment

The first topic you need to consider is the kind of equipment you would like to employ to keep your pool in tip-top shape.

The Filter


The filter is one of the most important components for any pool. Filters keep debris in the water from being pulled into the pump that circulates the mixture of water and cleaning chemicals. Filters typically need to be changed once to twice per year and there are a few different types like cartridge, sand, and D. E. filters. As with any technical questions or advice, always consult your local pool expert as to what would be the best option for you and your pool needs. When in doubt, always check your filter to assess if it needs a change.

The Pump


The pump is the second essential piece of equipment to keep your pool functioning flawlessly. A pump is vital to keeping your pool clean and sparkling, it filters the water through the chlorinator or brominator to maintain water cleanliness. Pumps require straining baskets as well to collect large debris that falls into the pool. The chlorinator or brominator are also known as chemical feeders. This is what regulates the amount of chemicals put into the water so as to keep the pH balance of your pool.

Green Water

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A common issue with pools, especially for first time owners, is the water turning green. If you encounter this dilemma the best course of action is to shock your pool then wait a few days to give the chemicals time to rebalance. After waiting, then go ahead and vacuum your pool to pick up any solid debris that could be the cause of discoloration. For further assistance or any other questions regarding a green pool please head over to our guide to causes and solutions for a green swimming pool.

Have A Pro Show You The Ropes

As a new pool owner, it’s always a good idea to have your pool professional show you the ropes to maintaining your pool. They will ensure that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to easily keep and maintain your pool with ease.

Learn Your Equipment

The first thing a professional will do is have you learn your equipment. They will show you how to clean your filter, choose the right type for your pool needs, how to assess when the filter needs changing, and how to change it when needed. They will also make sure that you know how to check to ensure that the pump is functioning properly and what to do in case of any minor issue that you will be able to resolve on your own. Knowing your equipment will keep you from having to wait around for a repairman for every minor issue so you can get back to enjoying your pool.

Learn To Test and Treat Your Water

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Your pool professional will also teach you how to test and treat your water. Testing the pH levels of your water is a fairly simple process that only requires a few drops of chemicals and a small sample of pool water. A professional will also show you what amount of chemicals is necessary to maintain your pool, how to administer those chemicals, and how long to wait before entering the water again afterward. Finally, your pool professional will show you how to generally clean and maintain your pool. They will make sure that you are set up with a pool vacuum and skimmer and that you know how to properly setup and use each piece of cleaning equipment. Maintaining your pool cleanliness is a daily task that will ultimately make owning a pool easier.

As with any major home project or addition, unless you possess all the knowledge and skills necessary, always consult with a professional before attempting anything. They are professionals for a reason and are there for your benefit.

Need Help?

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