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Why A Maintenance Service For Your Pool Is Helpful In The Off Season

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Finally, it’s winter and you might be looking forward to not having to perform any pool maintenance.

Whoa—not so fast…

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean all those weekly pool maintenance tasks you love so much just stop. Nope! In fact, your pool maintenance tasks remain pretty much the same even though you’re not using your pool year round.

Unfortunately, your pool, just like any other piece of equipment, if you don’t run it and maintain it, many of the components will stop working.

Frisco just had a Hard Freeze over the weekend, which left many pool owners scrambling. However, those with our weekly pool maintenance didn’t have to worry about keeping their pool safe from the cold, because their pool service knew all the preemptive measures needed to protect those pools and all the various pieces of equipment from being damaged.

A weekly pool maintenance service will help keep your pool in tip-top shape even when the months go by and you aren’t using it or even thinking about using it.

Here are some of the reasons a weekly pool maintenance service is helpful in the off season.

1. Keeps Your Pool Safe

Weekly pool maintenance is obviously important in the warmer seasons because of how much it’s being used. But what many people don’t realize is that weekly pool maintenance is just as important in the off season because such maintenance will help keep your pool safe from hard and unexpected weather such as freezing temperatures, snow, ice, etc. which result in frozen pipes and other expensive disasters.

***Note: While a weekly maintenance service is the best way to prepare for weather it will not always protect your pool when weather becomes “severe”. Mother nature is not always kind. However, weekly maintenance will allow you to catch the problem quickly and minimize expense.***

2. The Benefit of Knowing

Using a weekly pool maintenance service, or even if you’re laboring over the maintenance yourself, knowing what steps need to be taken is vital to the health and preservation of your pool, and all its equipment. You have to know exactly what needs to be done when the off season starts and when it ends. This scenario goes for every other season as well. If you don’t know exactly what’s what, you might be unknowingly skipping important maintenance tasks that could ultimately cost you in expensive repairs now and going forward.

3. Knowing What To Do and When

When you have a weekly pool maintenance service, you never have to think about what’s next. You never have to wonder about what to do and when. You simply communicate with your pool maintenance pros about how and when you plan on using your pool and they will take care of the rest. That means you never have to wonder about what you need to do to your pool when it’s in the “not using it” mode or how to start it back up again when the time comes.

4. Making the Most of Your Investment

Most pools are built pretty well, especially the ones we make ;). But the maintenance is what makes the difference between a pool lasting decades and a pool needing an expensive renovation after you’ve only had it for less than one decade.

5. What Is Your Time Worth To You?

If you are the kind of person who can afford a pool, then you’re likely someone who values their time. Think about how much time you currently spend maintaining your pool. Then think about what else you could be doing with that time. What could you be doing with that time that is more valuable than what you would pay for it?

Would you be:

  • Performing extra work that actually pays you for your time?
  • Getting some much-needed rest?
  • Spending more time with your family and friends?
  • Whatever it is, remember that your time is valuable.

But…if you are one of those people who enjoy pool maintenance chores (we have odd chores we like doing too) then keep it up! If not, consider freeing up that time to do something you enjoy.

Tired Of Pool Maintenance?

If you would like to free up some of your time, call or contact us today. Foley Pools has been building pools and performing weekly pool maintenance in Frisco, Texas and surrounding areas for a very long time.

What's your time worth to you?

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