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Must Have Smartphone Pool Controls

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Technology has changed our lives in so many ways and now you can enjoy the convenience of controlling every aspect of your pool, spa, and landscaping features at your fingertips using the ScreenLogic Connect app. ScreenLogic is available to use on any iOS or Android device and can be downloaded for free on either Google Play or iTunes.

ScreenLogic Connect is an automated system interface that allows you to control your pool or spa from anywhere in the world with the IntelliTouch or EasyTouch control system using any mobile (including wearables) or desktop device. Or, if you have Alexa or Amazon Echo, etc. you can speak a simple voice command for even greater ease of use.

These systems are all extremely intuitive, making them very user-friendly and they provide you with unbelievable flexibility and convenience.

The Six Most Popular ScreenLogic Connect Functions and How They Will Change Your Life

1. Control/Schedule Water Temperature

Are you having friends or family over for a swim? Now you don’t have to wait for your pool to reach the perfect water temperature. You can simply use your pool app to pre-set the water temperature so it’s just right when it’s time for your gathering. Or, if you are looking forward to using your pool after work or school, pre-set the temperature and it will be ready to use whenever you are.

2. Control Jets

Being able to control your pool jets from your ScreenLogic app means if you’re swimming and you and your friends decide to play some water volleyball or anything else, you can easily make the necessary adjustments for what you’re trying to do without any physical labor or hassle. You can just change the jets from your preferred device. One and done, it’s that easy!

3. View and Control pH Levels and Other Relevant Stats

With the easy access app controls for your pool, you will no longer have to spend hours testing and slaving over your pool just to keep it balanced. This is a hands-free system. It uses an IntelliChem water chemistry controller to monitor and keep everything balanced for you. It will monitor and balance your pH and sanitizer levels all hands-free without you ever having to touch or handle any harsh chemicals. This will also help you minimize your chemical costs because it prevents any excess chemicals from being added keeping a precise water balance at all times.

In addition, you can easily change, track, and monitor your pool’s pH history and the ORP levels when using the IntelliChem water chemistry control along with the IntelliTouch or EasyTouch automated systems. Basically, you can easily access any piece of operating history for your pool and spa at any time from anywhere.

4. Control Pool Lighting, Power and Color

The ScreenLogic2 app now gives you complete full-color lighting control for both the IntelliBright LED and MagicStream Laminars pool, spa, and landscape lighting systems. That means you’ll have the ability to create a specific mood or atmosphere and you can customize it to match whatever you’re doing in your outdoor living space at any given time.

5. Control Water Features

Using the ScreenLogic system, with one touch you can control your water slide, fountains, waterfalls, and any other pool feature you want anytime from anywhere. So if you are going from a pool party to a quiet evening at home, all you have to do to change the mood is reset the preferences you set earlier in the day.

6. Create Times Schedules for All Features

The beauty of using the ScreenLogic app is that you have the ability at your fingertips to create, adjust, and change the time schedules for any of your pool, spa, and landscape features. This makes it easier to customize and change any of your features schedules based on your ever-changing family needs. And, the ScreenLogic app makes it much easier to adjust all your seasonal schedules when necessary as well.

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