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Swimming Pool Renovation Tips

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Being the owner and caretaker of an in-ground pool, there are certain maintenance tasks that are more highly involved than others. The easy, everyday tasks like cleaning, pH balancing, shocking, etc. are nothing to be concerned about; they become routine. However, the more daunting aspects of pool maintenance like resurfacing or renovating in any kind of way can be rather nerve wracking.

First, Renovation Is Inevitable

Basically, no matter how awesome and perfect and pristine your pool is at the beginning, you will definitely have to renovate it at some point. The reality is that all pools reside in the outdoors which means harsh weather, animals, bugs, and all the wear and tear that comes with never getting a break from the elements.

Just like your home, your pool will inevitably need some TLC for all the hard work it does in providing you with comfort, it is simply a question of how long do you need to wait until diving into renovations and who do you recruit to aid you with this task.

There Are Many Types of Renovations

The type of renovation your pool might need can vary widely from the simplest of tasks to highly involved ones that require full draining and restructuring of your entire pool. Renovation tasks can include, but are not limited to:

  • Refinishing your deck
  • Adding/taking out a diving board
  • Adding a spa
  • Placement of an automatic pool cover
  • Adding water features such as a fountain or waterfall
  • Increasing/decreasing depth
  • Re-plastering
  • Upgrading the filtration system
  • Replacement of the pipe system
  • Or even changing from chlorine water to salt water

Each of these projects can vary in depth and scope from a few days to several weeks of work. Make sure that you are prepared for the appropriate time commitment of each task.

How Much Do Renovations Cost?

Cost is very much in accordance with the scope and time commitment of any renovation. This aspect can vary drastically from the ability to put it on a credit card to potentially costing more than the pool set you back in the first place.

Obviously something like adding a diving board will cost significantly less than draining, re-piping, and resurfacing the entire pool. This is another aspect that you need to be prepared for in advance so that you’re not caught off guard when the bill hits you.

Why Do A Renovation?

The need for a renovation can be as wide in variety as the types of renovations themselves. Sometimes it is because the renovation is direly needed or simply because you want to update and modernize the look of your pool.

If you’re unsure if you need one or if you want to know what is involved in a particular renovation, give us a call. We’re always more than happy to let you know what state your pool is in, what renovation is needed, or give you a price estimate.

The majority of the time, drastic measures are unnecessary and it’s only a little extra maintenance that is required.

Want To Talk To Someone?

We’re available for free talks about renovations—additionally, we can inspect your pool and discuss ideas with you if you’re thinking you need a renovation.
If you built your pool with us, even better as we should have a very clear idea of how close you’re coming up on needing renovation or more involved maintenance.

**If you’re not in the Collin County or Denton County area of North Texas, we may not cover your location. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions about our location coverage.**

Talk To Someone Today

If you have questions about renovations, feel free to get in touch with us. We've seen it all before, so we'll know if you need a renovations, and what they can do for your specific project.

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