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Top 10 Swimming Pool Shapes

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Understanding the different pool shapes that are available can help you in making the decision to buy a pool. Many people don’t understand what the possibilities are for different kinds of pools in their backyard. The shape you pick can be helpful or detrimental to the type of experience you are looking for. This post will outline the basics of what each shape does for your home.

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To make a decision on a pool shape you need to keep in mind the location where the pool will be built. The shape should be well accommodated to the place. It should also accommodate the activities you expect to take place. Here is our top ten list of pool shapes to help you pick the best one for your backyard.

1. Oval Pools

As the name suggests the oval pool is just a big oval. This shape is usually for pretty big pools so you’ll see it most often in big backyards. Old Victorian houses used to host one of these. This kind of pool shape is one of the standard when you hear people talk about pools as a “backyard oasis”. This is partially due to its size, and partially due to how good it looks with palm trees, rock formations, and waterfalls.

2. Kidney Pools

free form custom pool

This pool shape is round from both the sides and curved inwards at an edge, almost like a paint holder. The irregular shape gives it more of a natural lake feel. This shape is famous for having artificial waterfalls. The water flow tends to circulate instead of crash against the edges like a figure 8 pool.

3. Figure 8 Pools

This pool shape is built keeping figure 8 in mind. It is round at both the ends and narrows down a little from the middle. This pool actually gives a serene picture of irregular natural water reserve (though it is not). The best thing about this pool shape is that you’ll get to feel the free flow of water. In sharp edges like in rectangular pools the water tends to refract back with force after striking the walls. The curves of this pool shape help the water to circulate rather than refracting back.

Rectangular Pools

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While not the most creative pool shape, rectangular pools are some of the most common. This actually looks like a long strip of water intended for swimming at lengths. Most apartment buildings or skyscrapers, due to lack of space, tend to adopt this shape for their pools. Honeymoon suites and pent houses usually have rectangular pools on their balconies.

Lazy L Pool

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This pool shape is as interesting as the name. This pool is shaped as the capital L. The vertical stem of the L is usually kept smaller and lesser in width. The other part of the pool has more width, and is usually where a group would hang out. This pool shape comes in handy for backyards with unique needs. Sometimes your yard is a bit small, and it doesn’t seem like you have enough room to support a pool. That is why we offer so many different shapes. It helps you see every possible way you could have your own customized pool.

Circular Pools

Circular pools are again meant for open and larger spaces. Most of the covered pools are circular in shape because it is easier to build an enclosure for this pool shape. The enclosures help in maintaining the pool water quality and save it from dust and other contamination. Mainly baby pools and kid’s pool follow this pool shape, as it is highly recommended to keep pool water clean for smaller children.

Free Form Pools

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This pool shape is the most space-friendly one, as it is the most customizable. In fact, all free form means is basically whatever shape works for you. Free form pools usually have more curves than any other pool shape. This kind of design is how you get unique pools that you don’t see very often. If you are artsy, and have a clear idea for what you want, this style might be best for you.

Geometric Pools

Like free form, geometric pools can be built according to your backyard’s shape but in regular and sharp geometric patterns. The pool may look like a cascade of geometric shapes along the area. If built in a forest area this pool will give a look of ancient water reserves. Adding stairs at random places will enhance the ancient beauty more. To give it a more enhanced look, go with green tiles at the base. This will give it an old mossy effect at the bottom. Plantations at the sides will look terrific as well.

Grecian Pools

The Grecian pool shape is famous for its wide and spacious design. It is more like a wide rectangular pool but the corners are tilted at 45° like a kite or curved inwards like a bitten sandwich. This pool shape is suitable for larger areas and bigger families as it can accommodate more people at a time. This pool shape is adopted by most of the farmhouses as they have plenty of space for a pool.

Roman Swimming Pools

Last but not the least, Roman pool shape gives an ultimate grandiose affect to any place. It’s a wide rectangular pool with domes emerging outwards at both the sides. One of the domes usually has stairs descending down. This shape is suitable for having a sunbath while swimming as the stairs provide quite a big platform to relax while being in the water.

All of these shapes have been designed by keeping various suitability factors in mind. Pick the right pool shape according to the location as well as theme of your home. This will not only provide you a relaxing pool shape but will also add beauty points to your living space.

Hopefully this post showed you how different pool shapes can help you get the pool of your dreams, no matter what size your backyard is. If you’d like more information on how to your pool as soon as possible, be sure to give us a call!

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