outdoor living space

Feature: The Urbine Project

In Construction Process by John & Sabrina Foley

An outdoor living area is the best way to take full advantage of your home’s outdoor space. When an outdoor living area incorporates amenities such as a kitchen, fireplace, bar, seating and covered lounging area, it can quickly become your family’s favored location to socialize, dine and recreate, year round. An outdoor space with a poolside and spa view, like our featured project, creates a private oasis right in your own backyard.

Urbine17-FriscoCentral Fireplace

The focal point of the covered dining area in the Urbine project is the beautiful stone fireplace. This built-in stone fireplace and hearth is ideal for warming up family and guests on the chilliest of evenings. The wide and tall surround add sophistication and a sense of comfort and protection for your friends and family as they enjoy the warmth, smell and ambience of a real wood fire.

Urbine22-FriscoOutdoor Kitchen

The outdoor chef’s kitchen of this project features a built-in gas grill surrounded with stonework that matches the fireplace. A stone backsplash includes an electrical outlet for use with a blender, food processor, etc. On top of the stonework is a beautiful granite countertop cutting surface. An under cabinet refrigerator is ideal for cooling beverages and storing food. A separate food prep area allows multiple cooks to work independently without getting in each other’s way. With a fully-outfitted outdoor kitchen, the resident chef can cook and entertain outside with guests.

Urbine14-FriscoAbundant Seating

This outdoor living area offers seating at two separate raised eating areas on either side of the central area. One area by the grill is the perfect place to serve refreshing drinks while enjoying the smell of cooking food, and the other raised bar is perfect for family and guests to sit on stools at the counter and sip cocktails from the outdoor bar.

Urbine07-FriscoPoolside View

This project incorporates the best of indoor and outdoor living with the full kitchen, fireplace and seating area all positioned comfortably next to the hot tub and pool. Family and friends can relax in the jetted hot tub or swim in the lighted lagoon-style pool. Day or night, this poolside dining and socializing playground is sure to make your family and friends happy.

Urbine27-FriscoOutdoor Lighting

An exterior living area needs more than firelight to combat the darkness of night. This outdoor living area has ample illumination with plenty of outdoor lighting. Pendant lights suspended over the raised eating areas provide ideal task lighting, and ceiling fan lights provide both air circulation and a pleasant glow against the darkness of night.

The Urbine project brings together all the best features of outdoor living in one easy to use area. Whether you’re interested in outdoor dining, socializing, swimming or just cozying up in front of a roaring fire in the middle of winter, this design has it all.

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