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Foley Pools Now Installs Drop Shades! And They’re Awesome.

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While there are a number of methods to shade your patio or cover windows prone to glare, we at Foley Pools have started to become bigger and bigger fans of drop shades. That’s why we’ve made the decision to start carrying our favorite line of drop shades so that everyone in the Foley Pool’s family can share in the experience of automated drop shades. And with our introduction of drop shades into our line of products, we wanted to list out some of our favorite aspects of having drop shades. Enjoy.

Shade Your Summer Guests (Obviously)

Probably the most obvious benefit will be a convenient way to provide sufficient shade for your guests during the hot Texas summers. At the flip of a switch your drop shades will come to the rescue, protecting guests from unnecessary UV exposure. Traditionally, we’ve seen people use those rolling bamboo blinds as a solution, but we enjoy the style and functionality of a drop shade much better.

Protect Your Patio Furniture

We all know how damaging the suns UV rays can be do anything that’s left outside at their mercy. Sports equipment, toys, bikes, skateboards, you name it. But patio furniture takes the cake for getting the most beating by the harsh sunshine. Some people take the time to cover their furniture when not in use, which is a fair method, but not everyone is looking to haul out those covers and take the time to secure them over every piece of furniture every time. Drop shades provide a very easy way to deflect some of those damaging UV rays to extend the life of your patio furniture. Simply flip the switch to drop the shades and voila, you now have a shaded area to relax in while keeping your patio furniture out of harms way.

Hang Out In The Rain

As the cartoon ‘Ed, Edd n Eddy’ so eloquently puts it, “summer rains, you can never predict ’em”. Yet, that rain brings the temperature down just enough to be able to bear the blistering Texas heat. Most people enjoy rainy days in the summer. Especially getting to lounge outside and watch the rain. The only problem with that is staying dry. With drop shades you can enjoy the coolness of a summer rain while keeping the rain off.

Cut Your Power Bill

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban development, stopping the heat before it penetrates windows and sliding glass doors is up to seven times more effective than using interior blinds or curtains. Green Building Advisor says that placing sunscreens over clear dual pane windows on the east or west side of a house reduces the heat gain by 20%-70%. That’s an incredible reduction in heat that drop shades can bring to our homes in Texas. What it really comes down to is that annual energy cost savings were 14%, the summer peak load reduction was 22% per a paper written by The University of Texas.

Fight Annoying Glare

Anytime you and your family are hanging out at the house doing anything- maybe you have guests over and you’re playing Cards Against Humanity or you’re just trying to relax and watch a movie- glare from the sun can always be a nuisance. Several of us here know the pain of being on a Netflix bender and having a massive glare disrupt the process. You shut the blinds, but still, there’s always that bit of glare that sneaks through causing you to have to dodge the rays and get re-situated. Drop shades take care of that problem easily. All you need to do is install smaller window unit drop shades outside the problem windows and with the flip of a switch glare is taken care of just like that. A lot of people love to install a heavier drop shade in theatre rooms to provide the perfect blackout.

Other shading methods could very well simply get the job done, but there are so many reasons why drop shades are our hands-down choice. From the ease of use to the automation to the quality of build (these things could probably withstand a hurricane), drop shades have become a staple for us. In addition to everything we’ve mentioned above, there’s just a certain sense of luxury that we appreciate so much about these drop shades. Again, we wanted to be able to share the experience of drop shades with all of you and look forward to helping you choose the perfect set for your home!

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