Weekly Pool Maintenance

To enjoy your new custom pool all year long, it needs to be cleaned and maintained each week. Who better to maintain your new custom pool than the family who built it – the Foley family at Foley Pools. We use the best products in our clients’ swimming pools and the best people to serve them. With your new custom pool, you can expect the following from your weekly pool maintenance team at Foley Pools:

  • Care

    Weekly Pool Care Reports with Digital Door Tag™

  • Test

    Water Testing for Proper Chemical Levels

  • Treat

    Chemical Treatment as Necessary

  • Clean

    Brush, Skim, and Vacuum Pool & Spa

  • Purge

    Empty Pump and Skimmer Baskets

  • Filter

    Backwash Filter and D.E.

  • Inspect

    Comprehensive Inspection of All Pool Equipment

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